Building Radon Resistant Homes

If you are in the market to build a new home or a major renovation of an older home, then you may want to find a builder who uses radon resistant building techniques.  There are several ways to construct a home to resist the infiltration of radon gas and the EPA has some great information about how to do this and builders who are doing it on this website.  Some municipalities are looking to require all new homes to have radon mitigation systems installed in them, which this article talks about from the Missourian.  Making sure the air you and your family breath is as safe as possible should be an important decision for you when building a new home and it is more cost effective to do it right then to come back and have to fix the problem later.

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By Adrien Tanguay, President of ACT Home Inspections Inc., NYS Lic #16000059233

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