Attending Your Home Inspection is Important

I always recommend clients attend their home inspection.  Clients should be part of the whole process to learn about their home, ask questions that they might have, and to get a better sense of what they are getting into when they purchase a home.  Some clients want to prepare their home before putting it on the market, this is a great opportunity for them to avoid potential problems during the closing process.  This article I just read in NewsOK, reminds me that buyers and sellers should be aware of a potential conflict of interest between someone trying to sell you a home and recommending home inspection services.  I recommend that clients always seek out their own independent home inspector, make sure they are licensed by the state, check their references, and ask them questions prior to hiring them.  Also, check out the Independent Home Inspectors of North America, who are committed to avoiding these conflicts of interest.  Here is a link to the original article.

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By Adrien Tanguay, President of ACT Home Inspections Inc., NYS Lic #16000059233

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