Handrail Safety in Your Home

I visited several open houses in the area the other day and I was surprised by how many homes lacked a proper handrail on the stairs.  I would not put a home on the market without a proper handrail on the all of the stairs.  What if someone is viewing your home and they fall down the stairs because there was no safety rail to prevent their fall.  Talk about a major liability you will be facing if they decide to take you to court for their injuries.  It is not hard or expensive to install a handrail on your stairs that are more than 2 risers high whether it be in your home, on outside steps, or stairs leading to a deck outside.  Make sure that they meet the code requirements for ease of grip and know that any 2x material is not a proper hand rail for any situation in and around your home.  If you would like further information about proper types of handrails, you can contact me or your local code enforcement officer for free.

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By Adrien Tanguay, President of ACT Home Inspections Inc., NYS Lic #16000059233

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